Wednesday, July 30, 2003 This is a great site to explore how many webmasters work to get high rankings in search engines. Most of us in the public see search engines as ways to find good quality free information. When we get this, the search engine of choice works. If not, it fails. Not to many webmasters. To them, search engines work if web searchers find their pages and buy stuff. In this case, a search engine is good only if it allows them to make money. Reading these forums is educational as you see the links webmasters go to manipulate the search engines. The Google forum is a particlularly good read. They panic en masse every time Google has a hiccup in its algorithm! LOL. Fortunately, Google monitors this forum quietly too so many schemes to manipulate it are discovered and countered. If search engines (like Google) return good results for the average non-webmaster, they will get used. If they fail in this, they will fail in being popular with the public. It is no surprise that pay-per-click advertising based search engines like Overture have to trick users into searching them by importing their results into more respected search sources. Who wants to search advertising when they want real information?