Saturday, July 26, 2003


Wikipedia This is a novel concept. It is an encyclopedia that anyone can stop by and edit. Despite the potential for abuse, Wikipedia seems to have been up successfully for several years now. I tried my hand at editing a few topics anonymously. I just added a few links and a small section on library instruction to the entry on Library. It worked just fine. I guess the community at Wikipedia has figured out ways to counter abusive, vandal minded, and crankpot contributors. If Wikipedia ever got big, I think the model Wikipedia would fail. It would be abused just like Usenet is. However, as it doesn't get a lot of attention yet, it still works. Watch out though if it ever gets a decent Google pagerank. Every spammer on Earth will try to place their links everywhere. But maybe the Wikipedians could handle it. I wish them luck and I think I'll contribute to the project a little myself.