Sunday, August 24, 2003

The Big Tent Event

The Big Tent Event I get to preach tonight in a big tent as part of the fall orientation activities. Well, not really preach. I get to stand by a table and hand out literature to students as they mingle. There will be about 100 total tables with different campus and community groups represented. But, you know, as an instruction librarian I always feel like I missed my calling to be a preacher. Put me in a big tent and let me preach the gospel! It doesn't matter that I am an agnostic. The desire is still there. Since I will be in the big tent tonight, I will shout and holler and do my best to convince the students that it is in their best interest to visit the library early and often. Research salvation is at hand and the damnation of information illiteracy can be avoided. Seek ye the truth today. Work out thine own salvation with fear and trembling. I wish I could pass the plate too. (The link is to just the revival type event that gets the blood and cash flowing. You have to appreciate it.)