Friday, August 08, 2003

Burn Books, Burn

Burn Books, Burn I like my new community here in Mid-Michigan. However, we have nuts here too. A local church in Greenville had a book burning. Of course, the focus was on Harry Potter. (Don't these morons know that C.S. Lewis, the foremost Christian apologist of the 20th Century, used magic and witchcraft in the Narnia books?) Hum on that. Another Harry book burning. But this one gets better! They also burned copies of the Book of Mormon and any Bible that was not the King James version. Nothing like religious intolerance to get the old fires burning. Obviously, only the vision of scripture that this church has is the correct one. All else must be burned. This reminds me of the Taliban. They hold to an extremist version of Islam which is intolerant of any reading of the Koran that differs from their own. We have a Taliban like church right here in Michigan. Let's hope none of the church members try to run for political office. Just imagine the harm even one of them could do if he managed to get on a local school board.