Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Revolting librarians (1972)

Revolting librarians (1972) Back when I was a toddler, a group of librarians got together and wrote a subversive book titled Revolting Librarians. Most of the chapters in this book can be found full-text at the link at the beginning of this entry. Some of them are good reads. In particular, I loved Library School Lunacy by Harleigh Kyson. Things haven't changed much in the world of librarian education. Sure, I am glad I have my MLS and it was a valuable learning experience being in library school. But, unlike many professions, most of what you learn about librarianship is done in a library and outside of academia. There is a new version of Revolting Librarians which was released this year. Scanning the chapter titles, it does look like it is leftist leaning. Here is an idea. Since librarianship attracts and is dominated by individuals who are to the left politically, a true Revolting Librarians title in this day and age would be written by right wing librarians trying to shake the system up. I can imagine a few chapter titles, "No, We Don't Buy Pornography But Come Look at it on Our Computers: Or Why My Library Director is Brain Dead for Refusing to Use Filters" or "Stupid ALA Political Games: Bashing Israel, George Bush, and Anyone Who Disagrees with an Extremist Reading of the Library Bill of Rights." But alas, such a work will never come to be. Anyway, I hope we can see more Revolting Librarian type titles in the future. Regardless of the politics, they are are interesting reads.