Sunday, August 31, 2003

Understanding Information Literacy

Understanding Information Literacy This is a good overview of information literacy by Barbara Humes. I found this public domain document buried at the US Department of Education website. Apparently, it was no longer deemed current or important as it was archived. Being in the public domain, I copied the text and loaded it at LI.Com. I hope my save of this document will allow many to read and use it. There is other good stuff in the public domain at the DOE site as well but most of it is not a good fit for my library instruction site. I hope others "rescue" these documents by posting them in easier to find spots.

From the article by Humes, "We are outfitting our schools, libraries, and homes with electronic technologies--but are we preparing our students and teachers for the onslaught of information that is provided by these technologies? What happens when the student can get more information from the Internet than previously conveyed by a teacher or a textbook? What should a student do when faced with so many informational possibilities? Which of the information is credible and which is not?" Full article at: