Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Zeal.com - Share your knowledge. Set the standard

Zeal.com - Share your knowledge. Set the standard. This is another volunteer editing community similar to the Open Directory Project. It is quickly beginning to rival the ODP in the sheer number of editors. The reason for this is simple. Anyone can join and edit. There is no application. Once you pass a moderately hard quiz, you can submit. After you have a certain number of submissions approved, you can adopt categories and get to work. Only non-commercial sites can be added. Commercial sites can only be included by paying money. This allows the directory to add good content but still make money. The data at Zeal shows up at LookSmart and most importantly in the MSN.com searches. This model seems to be working and people keep joining as volunteers. The editing tools are slick and easy to use as well. This another place to show students how web results are generated.