Friday, September 05, 2003

Building on Students’ Experiences in Teacher Education

Building on Students’ Experiences in Teacher Education: Active learning is an effective way to reach bored students who are not enamored with library lectures. There many approaches and techniques one can use to achieve an active (cooperative) learning environment in class. The linked site today is an article on how one professor is using student experience to teach about teacher education. With a little modification, this could be made into a library lesson plan.

Abstract: "Student-sparked discussions of personal teaching experiences can be one of the most powerful learning experiences offered in teacher education courses. Framing practice-based discussions to provide reflective distance on experience and to encourage making connections to theory and research is often a challenge. This article chronicles and analyzes the use of a process of writing case studies as a structure for focusing and enriching discussion of practice within a graduate course on teaching writing to children." Full article at: