Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Dascenzo: The Mighty MAC

Dascenzo: The Mighty MAC This was a good football weekend for the Mid-American Conference. Teams from the conference knocked off three top 25 teams. This included Marshall beating Kansas State, Toledo defeating Pitt, and Northern Illinois beating Alabama. Further, Miami of Ohio knocked off Colorada State. Bowling Green barely lost at Ohio State. In previous weekends, Bowling Green beat Purdue, Northern Illinois beat Maryland, and Miami of Ohio beat Northwestern.

Off course, when the season ends, the MAC will have exactly two bowl games while other conference have six or seven. Teams that lost to a MAC school will have good bowls while the better MAC teams will be at home with no bowl. It happens every year. However, this year, with all the big upsets indicating that the MAC is a power conference, it seems unfair. And even if a MAC team goes undefeated, they will have no chance at a national title or a big bowl game on New Years Day. The BCS is a monopolistic system designed to restrain free access to bowls for all qualified teams. It exists purely to assure that teams from big conferences get all the good bowl opportunities and the money that goes with it. I sure wish we could get this system changed. Aren't there any members of congress who went to MAC schools? Or from any of the other small conference schools in Division 1A?