Sunday, September 14, 2003

Faculty Use of Electronic Library Resources

Faculty Use of Electronic Library Resources Are your faculty using all the neat and expensive electronic databases you are buying for them to use? Not only do we want the faculty to use this stuff but we want them to teach the students to use it too.

There is a recent article on this topic at AEQ by Paula Barnett-Ellis and Luke Griffin. The abstract reads, "This study examined the use of electronic library resources by teaching faculty to determine which were important to them. Survey responses show the resources faculty members used most often or plan to use, and those they don’t use or don’t plan to use. Results indicate the library needs to increase faculty awareness of resources beyond the library’s online catalog and periodical databases. Faculty members indicated the need for training in the use of resources with which they are less familiar and the need to publicize these resources. The survey was conducted at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama."

Unfortunately, the full article is not available online. You will need to hunt down the Fall 2003 (Volume 7, Issue 3) issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly. It is well worth doing. Most libraries would benefit by subscribing anyway. ILL is always an option too.