Monday, September 15, 2003

Survivor Sucks @ Well, the 7th season of Survivor is beginning Thursday night. I will be joining many of my former colleagues at Michigan State University in a Fantasy Survivor League. I have meet many librarians who like this show and just as many who are extremely negative towards it. You either like it or you don't but liking it doesn't mean your are intellectually challenged as some smug academics haughtily imagine. This show is actually rather sophisticated. I wish I could on the show. I'd make a serious run at winning.

This Survivor speculation board has had good conversation in past seasons. The participants are quite good at guessing which contestants are likely to be booted next. They rarely nail it right all the time but the posters have good theories that can help narrow the choices down when picking for fantasy points. Supposedly, the show producer (Mark Burnett) frequents this board under various alias to plant false clues and lead people astray. I have threatened to "vote" students out of class before so I guess the show has some "weak" connection to information literacy. :]