Monday, September 08, 2003 Butterfly Award ­ Butterfly Award ­Here is a site that gives an award for family safe sites. While the site I blogged the other day is a directory, is a butterfly site! Despite this, it has its own web award.

Here are the listed criteria:

"We offer an award to sites that are family-safe, well designed, easy to navigate, and have few pop-up windows. Please submit your name and email, the website name and address, and a brief description. We will review the website, then upon approval, send an invitation to list our award on the site with instructions. Websites that receive our award will also receive a link from under Award Winning Sites."

Seems simple enough. As I wrote a few days ago, I like the idea of fidning and identify kid safe sites. Maybe my local public librarian won't censor the Web, but I sure want to be able to censor the web for my kids. Any tool that can help is welcome.