Saturday, September 06, 2003

Toymaker Finds Librarian Who's a Real Doll

Toymaker Finds Librarian Who's a Real Doll This is a great! I always wanted my own librarian doll. Nancy Pearl is the model for the doll and she is the focus of the Seattle Times story I have linked to today. It is not your average doll. As a bonus, you can push a button and the doll goes hush!

The Seattle Times writes, "Pearl predicts that the shushing motion — triggered by a button on the doll's back — will determine 'which librarians have a sense of humor.' She likes to believe that today's librarians are secure enough in their work that they won't take offense at the old cliché."

The hushing sound is awesome. As a 33 year old librarian who is a male and balding, no one believes I am a librarian. Even after 10 years with an MLS degree, I get disbelief from strangers and students. No more! I plan on bringing this doll with me everywhere and I will pull it out and hush anyone who challenges my identity as a librarian. It should be great at staff meetings too!

To those librarians giving Pearl and this doll a hard time, get a real life. This stereotype is alive and well rather you like it or not. Making a stink about this doll only convinces people that librarians are anal. Some of us are of course but I hope that most librarians can accept this doll in good humor. I am going to buy one. (This reinforces the stereotype that male librarians are gay and effiminiate as I will be playing with a doll. Darn! I will have have to have folks take this up with my wife.)