Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Bibliography of Print Resources on Library Instruction

Bibliography of Print Resources on Library Instruction Looking for a good bibliography for library instruction papers? I have a large one divided into nine categories at LibraryInstruction.Com. There is an old version of this bibliography located on my old web space at Michigan State but this LI.Com bibliography is the one being updated.

Here is the intro page: "This is my collection of print resources for library instruction (AKA bibliographic instruction) that I have collected over the years of my library career. Many have requested copies of this list as it has grown so I have placed it online for easy access. This list makes no attempts at being comprehensive despite the fact it has over 300 items included. I have left off many resources which I haven't had the chance to look at or I didn't think were that great. I have only included resources I have read and I feel make a contribution to understanding library instruction.

I also am not trying to be comprehensive. There is no way I can stay on top of everything so I am just adding stuff as I find it. Hopefully, this will still be useful.

I have divided this list into nine categories:

History - This grouping is for resources that either are of great significance to the development of library instruction or articles about this history. Many of these articles, written a century ago, would be in a different category had they been written recently.

Assessment & Criticism - This is for written works that attempt to evaluate whether or not library instruction is effective and how to make it better. It also includes articles from critics (some who are quite harsh!) who are evaluating the necessity of library instruction in general.

Active Learning - This category is for resources pertaining to active learning. Many call active learning cooperative learning.

Methods & Theory - Clumped here are all the articles dealing with approaches, methods, ideas, etc. to presenting library instruction. I have left out the bulk of "how-I-do-it-good-at-my-library" articles and concentrated on listing the more scholarly treatments. However, there are some nice "I teach good" articles out there and I have included the particularly well written ones.

International - This category is for resources detailing international (outside of the US) attempts at establishing library instruction programs.

Higher Education, Issues in - This is for articles that deal with issues that come about when library instruction programs are established on campus.

Subject - This large category is for resources dealing with teaching library skills in a specific subject (i.e. nursing, history, philosophy) rather than to a specific student group.

Special Populations - This is for articles detailing how to teach library skills to a specific patron groups (i.e. graduate students, international students, faculty) rather than a specific subject.

Technology - Vague heading (I know!) for articles dealing specifically with library instruction and the Internet, library instruction and online catalogs, etc."