Sunday, October 19, 2003

Caldecott Award

Caldecott Award. As an academic librarian, I don't have a lot of training or experience with children's books. However, as a father of two sons, I am learning. My favorite books is Where the Wild Things Are. I just can't resist that part the goes, "We'll eat you up we love you so." I reach down and kiss my boys each time I get to that part. The blogged site of the day has some ideas on how to teach students about Caldecott Award winning books.

Some listed ideas:

1. Hold a Caldecott Award party. Have the children read winning books by themselves and with each other. Have the teacher or librarian read a favorite winner or two. Decorate the library or classroom to fit a theme. Imagine a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme!

2. Have a Caldecott Award alcove in your library or classroom. Have all the past winning books on the shelve. Explain to students, parents, and patrons why these books are important. Encourage that they be checked out and read.

3. Assign each student in a class or reading group one of the Caldecott Award books. Make sure each child has a different book. Have them report back to the class or group about the book the student read at a latter date.

4. Have a costume day based on one of the Caldecott Award books. Again, "Where the Wild Things Are" would be great for this theme. However, other books that have won the award would work good as well.

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