Thursday, October 23, 2003

Designs for Active Learning

Designs for Active Learning: I recently looked this book over and liked it a lot. If you use (or our thinking of using active learning in your classroom) this book would be worth buying.

Here is an Amazon review of the book: "This practical book for instruction librarians provides 54 active learning exercises useful for planning library instruction ranging from one or more classroom instruction sessions to full-semester library credit courses. Coverage includes exercises on basic library skills, online searching, resource evaluation, and discipline-oriented library instruction, all provided by practitioners in college and university libraries. Each exercise includes an introductory description, level of activity (e.g., basic, intermediate, advanced), time required, size of class, preparation needed, class instructions, and discussion, with appropriate handouts. A 3.5" disk (using Microsoft Word 6.0) accompanying the book contains the handouts, forms and teaching aids illustrated in the book, so that the exercises are readily adapted for local use. The book includes an introductory essay on active learning in library instruction and a list of selected readings. The style is clear and easy to follow, providing instruction librarians with usable examples of how to incorporate active learning techniques to improve library instruction."