Friday, October 31, 2003

Fostering Information Literacy

Fostering Information Literacy : Yet another recent find of a good information literacy book. Here is a review of the book from School Library Journal:

The authors' purpose is to offer library media specialists strategies "-to convince teachers that information literacy is not `something extra' to be taught in addition to their normal curriculum but is an attitude, a process-that can be introduced and encouraged while subject matter is being learned." A meshing of information-literacy standards with content-area standards, model lesson plans and reproducible transparencies, and exceptional annotated source notes and additional reading lists provide the necessary help for initiating staff development. Administrators who provide materials and personnel that allow for flexible scheduling, and library media specialists who act as instructional leaders and agents of change are identified as essential elements. Although evaluation modes are underscored, the one missing element is a clear-cut, strong statement regarding the administrators' need to evaluate classroom teachers regarding their effective use of and collaboration with the total library media program. LMSs can only offer services and assistance. It is this evaluation process that is a key component to success. Still, this book is to the point and useful.-M. Ellen Jay, Damascus Elementary School, MD

I think the review is a bit harsh at the end but I am also not a school librarian so I won't judge the validity of the review. I think this book is worth looking at by librarians at many levels. The ideas in the book may be written for school librarians but much of the content can be translated for other settings.