Friday, October 03, 2003

LOEX 2004 - Call for Proposals

LOEX 2004 - Call for Proposals It is time for proposals for the 2004 LOEX Conference. This is one of the few conferences geared towards library instruction and my visit to a past conference was worthwhile. (However, the darn thing is in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This is not my idea of a fun conference city.)

Start of the call for proposals: "Fundamental shifts in both the digital information environment and the scholarly community challenge instruction librarians continually to revitalize the way instruction programs are designed, delivered, promoted, and integrated into the academic setting. The challenge is especially acute during times of tight budgets when institutions ask hard questions about the value of the educational experience. The goal of library instruction remains constant: to assist users in learning to function well in a dynamic information environment. The way we approach our mission, however may involve significant change.

LOEX 2004 will provide opportunity to re-examine the need for library instruction and how library instruction programs can meet that need. LOEX invites all instruction librarians and others involved with or interested in instruction to share their expertise by submitting proposals to speak at one of the conference's breakout sessions." Full call at: