Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Teaching the Novel and Short Fiction

Teaching the Novel and Short Fiction This is a call for manuscripts for Academic Exchange Quarterly. It is seeking articles on teaching students about novels and short fiction. Many librarians work with classroom faculty at both the secondary and post-secondary level to do this. I hope there are some librarians out there who would feel like writing an article on their work in teaching novels.

CFP full-text:

If we consider the novel as a narrative in prose dealing with people and their actions in a certain time and in a certain space, all of which conveys a certain vision on the part of the author; if we utilize close reading of verb tenses, adjectives, phrases in apposition, choice of nouns, point of view, and so forth to focus on even only one of the defining aspects of the genre, we can forge a host of questions related to the central issues and interconnecting elements of possibly any great novelist's work. But that is just one way that I try to approach the many challenges we all face when trying to teach the novel, regardless of the language in which we may read and discuss it with our students. This issue is devoted to various practical and theoretical proposals that enable the teaching of the novel to be a genuinely meaningful and effective educational experience for students and instructors.

Who May Submit:
Manuscripts are sought from those whose experiences, methods, and assessments in the high school or college classroom have produced meaningful ways to teach the novel, whether in the traditional classroom, through on-line courses, or a combination of class meetings and web-based work. There is no restriction on the source language of the works and approaches that could be discussed, but I hope that submitted manuscripts will focus on ideas, practices, and suggestions that, while occasionally unique to a foreign language or English classroom, might also transcend the possible advantages and limitations of teaching the novel in any given language. Manuscripts devoted to the challenges of teaching short fiction are also invited.

Please identify your submission with keyword: NOVEL

Submission deadline:
Regular deadline: any time until the end of August 2004. All accepted submissions will be published in this Winter issue, December. Full details at: http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/4novel.htm.