Sunday, November 30, 2003

Advancing Your Library's Web-Based Services

Advancing Your Library's Web-Based Services Here is an article describing how the Cleveland Public Library is using the Web to deliver services to patrons.

First paragraph:

"Libraries will be utilizing the Web to provide services to an increasingly sophisticated and demanding computer user. The mission of the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) is "to be the best urban library system in the country by providing access to the worldwide information that people and organizations need in a timely, convenient, and equitable manner." The institutional values that influenced the development of the mission put the emphasis on information and people. The best way to ensure that the access and outcome of information services is timely, convenient and equitable is to develop Web-based services that mirror and improve traditional in-house and telephone services. This clear understanding of the Web as a service delivery method and not just as a digital brochure results in a project development path leading to both self-services and live, librarian mediated services offered online and 24x7." Full article is at: