Wednesday, November 26, 2003

A Case Evaluation in Internet Assisted Laboratory Teaching

A Case Evaluation in Internet Assisted Laboratory Teaching Here is a full-text article from Academic Exchange Quarterly on using the Interet in teaching a technical subect. Please note the conclusion in the abstract below. Students used the Internet for help but ultimately the preference of the students was to ask actual people for assistance.


"This paper presents the preliminary findings from an evaluation conducted on the implementation of Internet assisted teaching of fluid mechanical engineering laboratory sessions on a university degree programme. It compares the particular merits of laboratory sessions in which students receive instruction from Internet based presentations compared with those who received instruction from 'traditional' tutor led sessions, through a process of questionnaire based surveys and direct observations. The paper concludes that Internet assisted sessions allow students to easily repeat experimental instructions and provide late or absent students the opportunity to easily catch up with missed work. However, students still appear more likely to ask staff for assistance than rely on the Internet resources for information, and the Internet based programme, as applied here, has encountered some practical difficulties that have greatly reduced its effectiveness as a teaching aid." Full article at: