Saturday, November 22, 2003

ERIC Reauthorization News

ERIC Reauthorization News I have blogged several ERIC sites lately. Unfortunately, it appears like ERIC as we know it is dying. Thanks to Kate Corby at Michigan State University for this ERIC update site. It looks like the ERIC Clearinghouses will die on December 19th of this year.

From the site:

"The ERIC Clearinghouses will come up for reauthorization this year. The part of the Department of Education that oversees them is being completely reorganized. There is nothing in the new legislation that assures that the current system will be maintained. Since the Clearinghouses are the entities that construct the ERIC database, this has implications for the content and accessibility of the database. Additionally, a focus on scientifically based research leads some observers to wonder whether qualitative research and the exchange of ideas will no longer be valued, and may no longer be seen as important information to be preserved and disseminated." Full site is at