Sunday, November 16, 2003

Information Literacy and Technology Research Projects

Information Literacy and Technology Research Projects A book from 2001 of interest is this title by Norma Heller. Here is the description of the book and why I feel it may be of interest to librarians:

"With this versatile title, students are educated, hands-on, about the many roles information technology can play in their quest for knowledge. Brainstorming, strategizing, writing, critiquing, and oral communication skills are strengthened through collaborative problem-solving projects. The research problems presented in each chapter integrate many curriculum areas. Students walk away from each completed task with a greater ability to ask the right questions and locate the best, most accurate, and timely answers."

A review from School Library Journal reads:

"A collection of nine long-term collaborative projects in which students are required to use many research and reporting skills. Helpful assessment checklists allow students to be held individually accountable for group projects. The descriptions are broken down into manageable chunks to ensure step-by-step success. Each project requires critical thinking and offers a creative way for researchers to present their findings. For example, a propaganda unit ends with the creation of a student-made video. The biome unit ends with making a class database to compare findings. Heller provides enough detail for teachers and library media specialists to plan effective units based on research skills and content from the curriculum and many take on a multidisciplinary approach. Useful lists of Web sites with annotations are included, but there are no lists of books. Permission is issued to individual librarians and educators to copy the worksheets for classroom use. A useful resource to help break down a long-term project into pieces that are practical and helpful."