Sunday, November 02, 2003

The Lost Roanoke Colony

The Lost Roanoke Colony Information literacy can be explored in the classroom by examining history. The mysteries of history can work well for this. One example is the Roanoke Colony and how it vanished back in the late 16th Century. Many theories have been advanced as to what happened to it and none can be proven. A lesson plan could be developed addressing the importance of information literacy skills in historical research.

Here is a passage from the blogged site of the day regarding the Roanoke Colony:

"It was not until 1959 that a theory was openly agreed upon by a group of historian and scholars. They theorized that the colony did go to the Croatan village and may have been assimilated into the tribe. It was possible that they later moved to one of two areas; the Chesapeake Bay area or the Chowan River area. They also agreed that there was the possibility that the group disbanded. If the colonists did not go to the Croatan village, it was surmised that they were attacked by the Powhatan and the women and children were taken captive.

Of course, some people also believe space aliens are too blame. However, no credible evidence has been presented to verify this theory.

However, the panel did not agree on one solid theory because they lack any physical evidence. These few possibilities may be as close as anyone will get to an answer." Full article at: