Monday, November 10, 2003 This site exists for students who feel that they are being indoctrinated by the courses and activities they are taking or are participating in. It gives them a forum to report what is happening in the hopes that intellectual freedom for students who disagree with the dominant "politicaly correct" left leaning academia can be protected.

Quote from site:

"Universities in a free society should be places where open minds can flourish and examine ideas from a variety of reasoned perspectives. In recent years, however, sociopolitical agendas often drive the discourse - supplanting, suppressing, and ultimately excluding alternative views. provides a forum for college students to report courses and programs that in their opinion contain severe bias or amount to indoctrination.

If you believe you have experienced courses or orientation programs that advance one-sided social or political ideologies, denigrate alternative views, or create an intimidating atmosphere for expressing diverse opinions, please post your experiences here (and, if possible, send corroborating material). The information we gather will help us in our mission to promote open inquiry in academia."

I remember from my undergrad days that certain folks (often the professor or TA) would accuse and attempt to humiliate any conservative student who had the audacity to speak up. These students were called racists, sexists, homophobes, facists, etc. Some things never change.

This might be a good topic for any course examining information literacy and intellectual freedom. Does diversity also include the views of people who see issues differently than you? Do students with right wing views deserve the same respect and courtesy that student with leftist views receive? You might be surprised with the firestorm this seemly simple question can ignite.