Monday, November 24, 2003

Philosophy Resources

Philosophy Resources Yes, this is a subject guide to philosophy resources. It covers electronic resources, reference books, web directories, online philosophy texts, and online philosophy journals. How is this related to information literacy? Let me tell you a story...

As a philosophy bibliographer, I repeatedly get vanity press books from wannabe philosophers who are donating their books to the library. Apparently, they are trying to gain respectablity by having their works in libraries. I, of course, always toss these books out. Sure, there may be some good thought here. But, even though I only have a bachelors degree in philosophy, I quickly note the serious flaws in the arguments these so called philosophers hold forth.

Guess what? Some of these crackpot philosophers have websites. In some cases, they have dozens of sites each. And a few have done a good job optimizing their sites to rise to the top of Google and Yahoo for their key philosophy phrases. This means that some search results return questionable philosophy sites. And since students are lazy and go the the Web for information first...

I had to work hard to make this philosophy guide as the weak stuff kept floating to the top.

Someone needs to write a good article on information literacy and philosophy. I wonder if any philosophy professors have noted this Web quirk and wrote about it? How do they teach their students?