Thursday, November 06, 2003


ROTC: Do you work with ROTC students? I know I have given library instruction sessions for ROTC classes before. I am sure others have as well. This theme of AEQ deals with ROTC students and I am guessing a librarian who wrote up his/her experiences teaching information literacy skills to future military officers would have a good shot at being accepted for publication.
Here is the first part of the CFP:


This issue of the Academic Educational Quarterly examines the theoretical and practical aspects of character development, i.e., critical thinking, ethical decision-making and life-long learning, as they are explained, taught and developed in a military setting. The issue will also highlight the concepts of JROTC, ROTC, and military education at Service Academies as vehicles for successfully internalizing character development and how these applications can be used in public education and society at large. Manuscripts are also sought that report on quantitative or qualitative evaluations of special needs/pressures faced by educators in a military setting.

Who Should Submit:
Faculty, Staff, Military Educators, Officers, and Instructors who have taught and/or have had experience teaching students/military officers are invited to submit manuscripts.

Please identify your submission with keyword: ROTC

Full CFP at: