Friday, November 14, 2003

What Should Parents Know About Information Literacy?

What Should Parents Know About Information Literacy? This is a page designed to help parents understand the importance of information literacy for their children. It gives a definition of information literacy and offers suggestions to help kids be more information literate. This page is adapted from a public domain ERIC book.

First paragraph:

"You have probably noticed that the way students research and discover information has changed tremendously since you were a child. Students now have more ways than ever to find information for their schoolwork and their daily lives. With so many different resources available, students today need special skills—the skills of information literacy—to seek out information and to understand, evaluate, and apply what they find. Increasingly, it is more crucial—and more difficult—to be able to filter out information that is biased or unnecessary and weave together a vast amount of relevant information. The extent to which your children master these skills when they are young will have a significant effect on their quality of life as adults. This brochure explains the concept of information literacy, shows why information literacy is important for your children, describes how you can help your children become information literate, and directs you to additional resources." Full article at