Saturday, December 06, 2003

Cocaine, ecstasy cause DNA mutations, scientists say

Cocaine, ecstasy cause DNA mutations, scientists say From the site:

"Cocaine and ecstasy have proved to be more dangerous than we had imagined," said Giorgio Bronzetti, chief scientist at the National Centre for Research's (CNR) biotechnology department.

"These drugs, on top of their toxicological effects, attack DNA, provoking mutations and altering the hereditary material. This is very worrying for the effects it could have on future generations," he said.

My Comments:

WOW! As a teenager, I read lots of mutant comic books like X-Men and New Mutants. I often wished that I was a mutant with super powers. I imagined it would make it easier to get girls.

When people talk mutants, this is what I think. As two X-Men movies have been big hits in the last several years, I am sure others feel the same way. I can just imagine some ecstasy addict thinking, "Hey, maybe my son will be able to turn himself invisible!" Of course, 99% of mutations are harmful. I doubt that super powers will ever manifest in this way...

A good information literacy article could consist of a contrast of comic book mutations and real life mutations. What is real about this issue?