Friday, December 19, 2003

Information Literacy. ERIC Digest.

Information Literacy. ERIC Digest. This is an ERIC Digest on information literacy. It tries to cover information literacy at several levels including K-12, higher education, and the economic impact on the workforce.

From the site:

"The inclusion of information competencies as a graduation requirement is the key that will fully integrate information literacy into the curricula of academic institutions."

"Information literacy instruction in higher education can take a variety of forms: stand-alone courses or classes, online tutorials, workbooks, course-related instruction, or course-integrated instruction."

"State-wide university systems and individual colleges and universities are undertaking strategic planning to determine information competencies, to incorporate instruction in information competence throughout the curriculum and to add information competence as a graduation requirement for students."

"Academic library programs are preparing faculty to facilitate their students' mastery of information literacy skills so that the faculty can in turn provide information literacy learning experiences for the students enrolled in their classes." Full article at