Monday, December 01, 2003

Public Library Services for Home Schooling

Public Library Services for Home Schooling Parents teaching their kids at home is not a new thing. However, home schooling is growing at a huge rate. This means some parents are going to be the biggest providers of information literacy instruction for their children. Public libraries could play a huge role in this.

From the site:

"According to a survey of Ohio home school parents, 99% of them use the public library as an additional resource and 73% of them use the public library once a week or several times per week. Books, magazines, the librarian's help, video and audio tapes, reference books, and programs for children are the most widely used services (Schwartz, 1991). In 1993-94, Florida had 14,208 home schoolers, one of the largest numbers in the nation. The School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida perceived 'the need to pool the ideas, talents and experiences of children's librarians' and later compiled their professional observations into a resource for other librarians who 'are currently grappling with the challenge of how to serve the increasing number of their homeschooling patrons'." Full article at