Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The School Librarian's Role in the Electronic Age

The School Librarian's Role in the Electronic Age As hard as it is to believe, some school districts have eliminated school librarian positions. They try to use community volunteers or rotating teachers to run their libraries. This is not a good idea. Isn't the information environment more complex in the era of the Web?

From the article:

"As schools change from passive learning environments into active ones, the role of the librarian has to adjust as well. School restructuring requires that the librarian venture from the library to collaborate with teachers and administrators. The addition of technology into the learning environment enhances information retrieval and offers the librarian a new entree into the classroom curriculum. New, more student-centered teaching methods demand the support of information resources and training in their use. Library technology reaches beyond the library walls via computer networks to put information resources into the hands of end users at the point of need. With networks linking all areas of the modern school, the best place to access information may no longer be within the walls of the traditional library." Full article at http://www.libraryinstruction.com/school-librarians.html.