Friday, December 05, 2003

Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Strategies

Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Strategies It is late Friday and I have found this nice article by Daniel Bazac. (Actually, the author e-mailed the link to me. I usually ignore this sort of mail but this web author got me at a weak moment.) Much of it is basic for the average librarian but it may serve as a nice introduction for students. We always talk about what qualifies as a good website. Here is what the article calls are the qualities of a good searcher:

Qualities Of A Good Web Searcher:

Patience. You can find what you're looking for in ten seconds, ten minutes or never. Keep in mind that searching the Web can be a very time consuming operation.

Persistence. Don't be scared of millions of results. Don't give up too fast. Searching the Web is a process of trial and error.

Good memory. When conducting extensive research, you'll have to remember all your previous search queries so you know what terms you have already tried. Write them down - it's easier.

Good organizational skills. Plan your strategy ahead of time and stick with the plan.

Creativity. Select the best words for your query.

Decisiveness. Learn to quickly recognize relevant results in the search engine's result page. Don't waste your time with search tools or strategies that don't work.

Learn and accept the Web's limitations. Sometimes you cannot find the information because there is no information available on the Web related to your search. But this happens very rarely. Most of the time, the problem is not a lack of information but rather being overwhelmed by relevant results. That is if you know where and how to search.