Sunday, January 25, 2004

Active Learning Environment for the Digital Libraries There are differences in teaching and learning between the physical library and the digital library. Many of these differences are obvious. Some are not as readily identified. This paper by Champa Jayawardana, K. Priyantha Hewagamage and Masahito Hirakawa takes a good look at this issue.

From the article:

"Studies related to learning methodologies and techniques have been conducted for centuries,including those done by philosophers and educators like Socrates. Learning is a process ofknowledge construction in which the learner carries out many activities (Lorenzen 2001;Fitzgerald 1998). Active learning can be described as the ability of learners to carry out thoseactivities effectively and efficiently while incorporating them into a process of their owneducation."

"Consequently, learners are easily absorbing knowledge through their interaction. In activelearning, learners take responsibility for their own education, and study strategies to accomplishtheir academic goals (Lee 1999). With respect to digital materials, there are three actions thatcreate the tools for active learning: active consuming, information gathering, and informationseeking. Active consuming is carrying out activities effectively with respect to different mediatypes. These include active reading, active watching and active listening. Constructing the user'sreference collection with ease is the main concept of the information-gathering portion. Toprovide intelligent support in a digital learning environment, information seeking facilities areneeded to locate suitable materials. This paper describes how these three facilities can besupported in a personalized information environment for digital libraries." Full article at

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