Friday, January 16, 2004

CMU Libraries -- Reed Elsevier Information Page

CMU Libraries -- Reed Elsevier Information Page Like every other academic library in the USA, Central Michigan University is being hammered by a huge price increase from Elsevier on a variety of titles. Our budget is cut and they want 250K more. This is not going to happen. I am advocating that we simply dump all Elsevier titles and use the money elsewhere. We are in the process of educating the faculty about this issue. The response has been positive for the most part. The blogged page contains links to a variety of articles which deal with the issue and how libraries are responding to Elsevier.

The simple fact is that university faculty (most with public funds) create most of the research in journals. The faculty then sign over copyright to the publisher. The publisher then sells back to the universitites research that the universities already funded. This is crazy. We have to stop playing this game.

UPDATE March 2, 2006 - The link no longer works. I will leave the brief editorial up though.