Saturday, January 10, 2004

IllumiRate : Lighting your Way through the Web

IllumiRate : Lighting your Way through the Web This is another volunteer edited directory for finding information on the Web. I signed up a few days ago and so far like it. It is new but it has a database to start up with as this appears to be the old directory under new management. If enough editors volunteer their time, this might become a useful directory if 1. webmasters believe it is worth their time to list a site (i. e. it helps their Google Page Rank) and 2. if the avergae joe decides this is a good place to search. Otherwise, this will be just another hobby site for those who like to organize the Web. (And there is nothing wrong with that...) If you want to edit at a Web directory and find that Zeal, DMOZ, Skaffe, and Joeant are too frightening for a newbie, give this one a try. I'll add some sites to it in the coming weeks and see how it goes.