Sunday, January 11, 2004

Media and Theory Through the Writing Process

Media and Theory Through the Writing Process This is a full-text article at Academic Exchange Quarterly. While not directly tied to information literacy, I do like how the author used the writing assignment described in this article.


"Fostering critical and literate habits of thought requires that teachers move beyond using learning strategies that compel students to “binge and purge” information in the manner of the bulimic. Utilizing concepts from Levi-Strauss, Whorf, Bahktin, Barthes, Kristeva, and Foucault, and Roland Barthes, this essay theorizes about a counter-an applied pedagogy, one that moves students from the position of subjugated vassal and passive knowledge vessel to an active and engaged intertextual creator. As an application of theory, a discussion ofn a media-based assignment follows on a media-based assignment." Full article at