Saturday, February 07, 2004

Active learning - Wikipedia Here is the Wikipedia article on active learning. I recently added it to Wikipedia. Feel free to make changes if you want to improve it.

From the article:

"Research has consistently shown that traditional lecture methods, in which professors talk and students listen, dominate college and university classrooms. It is therefore important to know the nature of active learning, the empirical research on its use, the common obstacles and barriers that give rise to faculty members' resistance to interactive instructional techniques, and how faculty, faculty developers, administrators, and educational researchers can make real the promise of active learning."

"Until recently there has been no common definition of 'active learning.' Consequently, many believe that all learning is inherently active and that students are therefore 'actively involved' while listening to formal presentations in the classroom."

"Research suggests that the use of active learning techniques (as defined in the introduction) may have a positive impact upon students' learning. For example, several studies have shown that students prefer strategies that promote active learning rather than traditional lectures. Other research evaluating students' achievement has demonstrated that many strategies promoting active learning are comparable to lectures in promoting the mastery of content but superior to lectures in promoting the development of students' skills in thinking and writing."

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