Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Colleges, Code, and Copyright - Call for Papers - UMUC Of possible interest to many librarians and educators out there.

From the call:

Potential authors are encouraged to submit papers that address one of the main topic tracks of the conference. Special attention will be given to those papers focusing on Track II topics. Authors may submit papers on alternative topics provided they are compatible with either of the main track topics listed below:

Track I - Framing the Issues or,
Track II - Possible Solutions

Track I- Framing the Issues:

P2P file sharing: Civil Disobedience or Simple Opportunism

Do Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems have a positive or adverse impact on the dissemination of information within higher education?

What issues do higher education institutions have to consider when implementing DRM systems?

What are the causes of rising textbook and journal costs for students and university libraries?

Does fair use have a future?

Track II- Application and Possible Solutions:

Identifying, implementing, and utilizing effective strategies for dealing with copyright infringement via P2P file sharing on the university campus.

P2P and the library: Case studies on innovative uses

Alternative models for scholarly publishing

Open source software usage in the university community

DRM systems: Are they compatible with the re-uses of information characterized within the higher education community?

Are universal DRM standards attainable or desirable?

Impact of the TEACH Act on the expansion of DRM on campus.

Technological solutions for copyrighted content delivery in the online classroom.

Possible legislative solutions to current copyright concerns.

What are the promises and perils of using peer to peer technology in the university community?


Scholars, librarians, professors, students, publishers, commercial vendors, database administrators, system and network managers, and other authors are all invited to submit papers.

Submission Requirements

To propose a paper for consideration by the 2004 Symposium Abstract Review Committee, please submit:

Abstract (approx. 150 words); or 1-2 page summary of your proposed paper; or
Completed paper (draft acceptable);
Contact information of author(s). name, organization, mailing address including postal code and country, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers; and
Brief biography of the author(s)
Proposals may be sent by mail or as an e-mail attachment. All submissions must be written in English.

Please send your electronic submission in PDF or Word format, with "2004 call for papers" in the subject field.

or send to:

2004 Call for Papers
Center for Intellectual Property, SFSC 3219
University of Maryland University College
Adelphi, Maryland 20783 USA

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