Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Emerging Role of Tribal College Libraries in Indian Education. ERIC Digest. One rarely looked at area is academic libraries serving tribal colleges. Often lacking good funding sources, these libraries attempt to provide their students and faculty a wide range of resources and teach information literacy at the same time. This article examines two different research studies on tribal college libraries.

From the article:

"This digest examines the emerging role of tribal college libraries as one aspect of Indian education, which encompasses pre-school through adult education and higher education. Tribal college libraries have received comparatively little attention in the research literature. When these libraries are mentioned at all, readers learn only a few briefly stated facts (see, for example, Carnegie Report, 1989). Now, two recent studies provide more extensive information. One study examines the role of libraries in the development of tribal colleges and the other offers perspectives of tribal college presidents about the expanding role of tribal college libraries. Both studies clarify the growing importance of tribal college libraries in the overall tribal effort to educate Indian people." Full article at

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