Sunday, February 22, 2004

Library Instruction This Geocity site is some library school student's website. I-Tan Mao posted this paper on library instruction for high school students. It is actually pretty good...

From the site:


According to Dewald (1999), there are some characteristics of good library instruction

1. Library instruction has to relate with students' courses. When students can see library instruction’s benefit to their coursework immediately, it is more received by them.

2. Drueke (1992) has indicated that active learning is more helpful than only lecture. It can be performed with individual or cooperative exercises, or other forms of practice.

3. It is necessary to offer more than one medium to help students. Some students learn best through a listening channel and some learn well through a visual channel. If instructors put these media together, the effect of library instruction will be more effective than either medium alone.

4. Wright (1991) has pointed out that clear educational objectives are very important. They can help the librarian to develop the instruction and provide an outline for the students.

5. Good library instruction teaches concepts, not only mechanics. Even if students are in a different library or use dissimilar databases and computer interfaces, they should know how to use the resources.

6. Good library instruction does not end with class. It includes asking the librarian for help in the future. White (1992) emphasizes this ongoing availability of the librarian would make students self-sufficient.

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