Thursday, February 12, 2004

Shoreham Elementary/Partners in Education Mystery Quest Project In honor of Abraham's Lincoln birthday, I am blogging this lesson for 5th graders from Shoreham Elementary that uses Abraham Lincoln's murder to teach about the judicial system using information literacy concepts.

From the site:

The Murder of Abraham Lincoln is an introduction to our Judicial System. The Mystery Quest is designed to have students work in groups so as to become familiar with our legal system. This project initiates students into a unit on the American Judicial System. This project is consistent with current Information Literacy standards and practices.

Students working on this unit will:

- Work in groups to research the historical significance of Lincoln's assassination.
- Develop an understanding of the complexity of a trial, especially one as important as Lincoln's assassination.
- Work with the trial's transcipts, Booth's Diary, and evolving conspirary theories to describe characteristics of our judicial system .
- Share written work in theShoreham Fifth Grade Weblog, work collaboratively on writing and editing, and communicate via Chats and Asynchronous Discussions about ideas, themes, and issues raised in the writing.

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