Friday, February 20, 2004

Web-Beacon This is a new volunteer edited Web directory. As it is being started by a veteran of the volunteer edited directory, it may actually be a successful project. The benefit for librarians and teachers to help at these types of directories is obvious. A manually reviewed Web directory means only the best sites get listed. This in turn results in better search results for Web searchers.

From the site:

"First of all, what is Web-Beacon and what is its mission? Web-Beacon is a virtual community made up of people from all over the world brought together by common goals: to build and maintain a directory of the highest quality and give each and every member a voice in its growth and operation."

"Together we are working to make Web-Beacon known, not only for its dedication to the highest quality, but equally so for the value and importance placed on each and every individual member in our growing community of editors and reviewers. We are striving to have a directory of excellence--in line with public standards of taste and decency--a safe environment for families."

"In short, we are volunteers creating a search directory of high quality websites while valuing each other's input."

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