Thursday, February 19, 2004

Wikinfo This is another volunteer written online enyclopedia. It is a spin-off directory from Wikipedia using the same software but building it's own content.

Note on site:

"Wikinfo, or Internet-Encyclopedia, is a project to create a universal open content encyclopedia. The site was launched in July, 2003. So far, there are 20873 Wikinfo articles, with Wikipedia articles available via XML import. Wikinfo is a wiki: visit the help page and experiment in the sandbox to learn how you can edit any article. Inspired by Wikipedia, Wikinfo is different in a number of ways, notably, in editorial policy. Here, the main article on a subject is written from a sympathetic point of view; another difference is that Wikinfo is much more tolerant of a number of things Wikipedia is not."

Articles of note:

Information Literacy
Library Instruction
Library and Information Science
Active Learning
Michael Lorenzen
Coperative Education

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