Saturday, March 27, 2004

Critical Thinking in College English Studies. This article talks about the role of critical thinking in college English programs. As most academic librarians reach students through English writing programs, this article seems relevant. What new ways can libraries and English departments work together to promote critical thinking?

From the site:

In California and elsewhere, college-level critical thinking instruction has largely been assumed to be the realm of philosophy departments. Within the discipline of philosophy, however, the critical thinking movement has turned from an emphasis on formal logic and linguistic analysis, and toward informal logic, or the application of principles of reasoning to everyday situations. The movement has also seen a growing attention to the mental attitudes and emotional "dispositions" that foster or impede critical thinking within the broader context of psychological, cultural, social, and political influences. This changing emphasis within philosophy has promoted interdisciplinary coordination of critical thinking studies with English and rhetoric along with many other fields--preeminently developmental psychology.

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