Wednesday, March 03, 2004 - 2004/3/2 -- List of 55 ERIC Digests. The ERIC Clearinghouses are gone but the last ERIC Digests they produced are still being published. 55 new ERIC Digests were posted yesterday. None of them deal with libraries but I am sure that all of them will be useful. Are these the last ERIC Digests ever? Will more appear?

Here are a few that might be of interest to librarians:

Evaluating and Selecting Online Magazines for Children. ERIC Digest.
Exploring the Function of Heroes and Heroines in Children's Literature from around the World. ERIC Digest.
Learning through Discussion: Designing Tasks for Critical Inquiry and Reflective Learning. ERIC Digest.
The Impact of Electronic Communication on Writing. ERIC Digest.
Technology Professional Development: Successful Strategies for Teacher Change. ERIC Digest.
Understanding and Preventing Teacher Burnout. ERIC Digest.
Telecommunications Distance Learning and Teacher Preparation. ERIC Digest.
Building an Instructional Framework for Effective Community College Developmental Education. ERIC Digest.
Indicators of Teacher Quality. ERIC Digest.
Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs. ERIC Digest.
Employment of People with Disabilities. ERIC Digest.

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