Friday, March 19, 2004

Information Skills for an Information Society: A Review of Research. ERIC Digest. This is a good review of pre-1987 research on information literacy. It is written by Susan Hubbard and is shorter version of Carol Kuhlthau book, Information Skills for an Information Society: A Review of Research.

From the article:

Living in an "information society" implies dealing with a barrage of information on a daily basis. Our success and survival depend upon our abilities to locate, analyze, and use information skillfully and appropriately. Yet, in recent years, reports have documented the "functional illiteracy" of many adults, who are unable to manage the information they need.

Internationally, educators have begun research and development of means to increase information literacy. In schools, administrators, teachers, and library media specialists are working together to develop strategies that will enable school children to gain competence in using information. Library school media centers are key places where skills and resources are integrated to provide students with access to information about subjects across the curriculum. In addition, information technologies and information literacy programs have been developed for use in schools.

Public education's previously inadequate responses to the dynamic changes taking place in society were brought to national attention by the 1983 report, "A Nation At Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform." As awareness increased of children's need to be able to manage information, several major developments in education occurred. These developments have been categorized as belonging to three groups: (1) acknowledgement of the need for a more integrated approach to curriculum development; (2) recognition that larger problems lie beyond the immediate one of providing students with basic computer literacy; and (3) adoption of a holistic approach to education centered around fundamental problem-solving techniques (Information and computing recommendations, 1986).

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