Tuesday, March 23, 2004

MSNBC - All Eyes on Google This is the full-text of this article which has appeared in the new issue of Newsweek. It is a nice write up about what many librarians (myself included) consider to be the best search engine out there.

One quote caught my eye though. Google Engineering VP Wayne Rosing said, ""It might take a decade or two to put all the world's information into Google and do things with it but it's an achievable goal."

Really? So Google really thinks that it can solve all the copyright issues (making sure that copyright holders can get paid for giving their content away on the Web) and make sure that all that pre-1923 public domain content gets scanned and put online? Good luck to them. I am sure that the next several decades will see a lot more content on the Web. But I have my doubts if the vast majority of intellectual content in existence will show up free on Google. Economic realities dictate otherwise.

There is one really neat quote from the article I liked. "The ultimate goal is to have a computer that has the kind of semantic knowledge that a reference librarian has," says Google's director of technology Craig Silverstein. Right on!

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