Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Research Strategies This is an online textbook on information literacy by William Badke. It is excellent! If you like it, consider supporting the author by buying a paper copy of the book.

From the preface:

Are you ready for your next research project? Really ready? Do you have the skills and strategies to get the job done efficiently and effectively without panic attacks and the need for a long vacation when you are done? Do you have confidence that you can start with a topic you know nothing about and end with an understanding of it that is neither trite nor superficial? Are you prepared to enjoy the experience? [Yes, I did say “enjoy.”]

If the previous paragraph has left you feeling somewhat queasy, this book is for you. Even if you have significant research skills, you can learn better ones if you take the time to read on.

You have the privilege of living in the information age, with a zillion opportunities all around you to find out anything about anything. But faced with a humongous number of Internet sites, not to mention library databases of increasing size and complexity, knowing how to navigate through the information fog isn’t something you can pick up easily on your own. Yet you can hardly call yourself educated if you don’t know how to handle information systems and do research effectively, not in a world in which most careers are built on what you know or can find out.

Getting back to my earlier use of the word “enjoy,” learning how to do research does not have to be painful. It can be fun. Honestly. Personally, I have so much fun that my family has to kidnap me out of the library whenever they want to go on an outing or buy groceries. You can have the same joy that I have. Read on.

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