Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sample feedback from authors I am the Executive Editor of Academic Exxhange Quarterly which is a higher education teaching journal. I have learned a lot over the last year on what submitters to scholarly journals should and should not do when working with a journal. (I think I can do a workshop now...) Here is a "sample" problem exchange.

From the site:

EIGHT From: Academic Exchange Quarterly


No problem, your submission was removed from journal's review process and placed on suspended list http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/redak01.htm We understand your decision.

However, may I point out that your understanding of AEQ review procedure and/or editorial policy is wrong. Here are two instances:

PRIMO, you are wrong when you say in reference to redactory fee "To enter into a monetary transaction to assure that my articles are published would be viewed with disdain at my university." Because, didn't we tell you in previous email "SIX"
that AEQ does not accept "fee for publication" and that any payment of redactory fee does not guarantee publication?

SECUNDO, your label "AEQ for profit operation" is misleading in the context you present it. AEQ is for profit journal same as Harvard Educational Review. Both (AEQ and HER) are unit of larger entity:
AEQ - Rapid Intellect Group; HER - Harvard Education Publishing Group. Both were set up to make profit in order to pay related expenses...

AEQs expenses are covered by subscription and optional redactory fees http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/karte9.htm
paid by authors unwilling or unable to comply with submission guidelines http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/rufen1.htm

In your instance, it seems that you had no desire to shorten your submission length from 3671 words to 3000...
To this effect, wouldn't it have been easier to say so at the beginning instead of fishing for a discount or a favor...

AEQ prides itself on having optional redactory fees only. Other journals meet their expenses by mandatory fees, see

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